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Prayer Request
Have you tried as hard as you can to live the Christian life and just can't do it ?
Do you wake up every morning knowing today you're just going to fail again ?
Do you constantly try not to do certain things so you can please God ?
Trying harder to live the Christian life.
Trying to please God in your own strength.
Trying to live by man made rules and regulations.
New Life Fellowship is a family of believers who love the Lord and enjoy
an intimate walk with Him daily. We follow His wants and desires not our own.

We teach
Grace oriented christianity  and enjoying a Relationship with the Father. Pastor LaShelle
has a dynamic way of explaining grace and letting the Holy Spirit direct your life. As a Christian, if
your living a legalistic, performance-based form of Christianity in your own ability, you're going to
forfeit God's best for an anemic sub-standard Christian life which will be characterized by defeat &
 Why settle for less when you have complete access to God's best ?
( Overcome )
Stop Thinking About Sin
And Start Thinking About Him
New Life Fellowship
Changing Religion into a Relationship
Church Services

Sunday School              9:45
Sunday Worship         10:30
Wednesday Service    6:00
Pastor William LaShelle
Do you have a
Spiritually Transmitted Disease ?
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Watch the movie 180 by clicking here

180 movie
It begins @ 9:30 and will have more upbeat
music for the young adult and teaching
will be taught by Scott Zachary.